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                 Show your house in its best light online

                    Simple professional photo of your house makes the difference in rent and sale


 Increase the visit

Publishing with professional photos make it easy for people to see the house ( A picture is worth a thousand words )

  Invite People

A photo is one of the top reasons that make people look at your house on the website.

  Easy to sell and rent

People can like the house just by seeing the nice picture published and make an easy decision to come, visit and make the choice of buying or renting.

Enjoy the difference

Let a local photographer capture your house in its best light and will help to make the difference and your listing will stand on top.

Expert services for every listing on Pichanyumba

Our photographers can help your listing stand out, no matter the size of the house.

They’re specialists at listing photography and know exactly what customers look for when searching for houses to rent or buy.

🎬 Participate in styling, lighting and framing to bring out the best in your house.

📷 Capture all the important spaces for customers looking to visualise themselves in your house.

⚙ Shoot with expert equipment and edit all final details.

1) Request a photoshoot.

We will connect you with our professional photographer, make sure before they meet with you the place is clean and tidy

2) Meet up with Photographer.

They’ll spend at list an hour photographing your space depending on the size after they review the best shots, your photos will go live on our website and you will be able to see them.

3) Payment methods.

The payment can be made via Bank deposit or with other methods which we will provide.

Are you a real estate professional, at pichanyumba you can advertise a house for sale or renting with our service for professional on Pichanyumba.
For more information contact our Advertising team.
Emmanuel Gabriel Buchumi
+255 655 308 599
Or send your details and we will call you.

Your adverts will reach more people

We invite you to advertise with us and we guarantee you great visibility in Tanzania and beyond. For you to advertise with us, we offer  different pricing options and services to suit your needs.

Personal attention from our expert.

Photographing services for real estate agents.

We do have a team of photographers who will spend time shooting your place for sale and rent that will make your adverts more attractive.

How it works

Advertisers for Private

          PER DAY 24HRS


                  PER WEEK 

                  PER MONTH


Photography and video services for your house











Feel good about the way you manage your rentals

Let us manage your house for rent.

Pichanyumba is a new real estate website in Tanzania, our main objective is to advertise and offer house management services and to advance our traditional method of managing houses to rent, sell or buy.

Hiring us to manage and take care for you biggest financial assert is an important decision you can make, and we won’t let you down.

Our property management team will take care of your property and you will be stress free.  Late night calls, tenants complaints and property maintenance all are handled by our management.This will help and maximize you time and flexibility as the owner.

Finding Tenants.

You need not  to worry on who  becomes your tenant, our management team will find a wonderful tenants who suits your needs. By letting us to manage your property, you will be able to get free access to advertise on our web site ( ) in just few minutes and this will help you to receive more tenants in less time.

Your rent is direct deposited to you bank account no need to make a trip to pick your rent.

All your rent will be transferred to your bank account if you prefer that method or we will use other alternative (such as Sim Banking ) to deposite your rent. Your tenants will receive an email or a call from us with full instructions rent payment, security deposit, or any other arising fees.

Transparent maintenance and repair tracking save time for the everyday landlord.

For more information email us or tell us about it by calling us +255 783 677 613

                                                ACCOUNTING, AUDITING AND BUSINESS SERVICES

In addition, Pichanyumba provides accounting and auditing services. Also it offers consultancy services in tax, management, corporate finance and project management.  


  1. Pichanyumba is committed to serving diverse clients around the world including commercial, financial and government interests in every sector of the economy.  
  1. Pichanyumba emphasizes on quality control and quality assurance. The company maintains a high standard of professional ethics, confidentiality, independence and honesty. 
  1. In addition to statutory audits, we are also committed to undertake project audits that require our opinion on efficiently and effectively utilization of resources allocated to the project. 
  1. Apart from doing business, Pichanyumba is committed to offering consultancy services to Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSME) as a way of contributing to the National Poverty Reduction Strategy. 


Pichanyumba  offers the following major services to clients:


1 Statutory Audits
2 Project Audits
3 Special Purpose Audits
4 Systems Reviews
5 Design and installation of Internal control procedures
6 Performance/Management audit
7 Audit of Financial Statement
8 Special Review and Investigations
9 Value for Money
10 Internal Audit
11 Human Resource Audit
12 Accounting
13 Preparation of Books of Accounts and Financial Statements including Fixed Assets Register
14 Development of Accounting Systems
15 Special purpose Accounting Work
16 Development, Design, Implementation and Review of Accounting Policies/Manuals and 
17 Advice on Accounting Standards (IFRS and IPSAS) practices


1 Strategic and Business Planning
2 Feasibility Study 
3 Risk Management (Come up with Risk Management manual, Register and reporting)
4 Business Continuity and Recovery Management
5 Monitoring and Evaluation
6 Enterprise Development Services
7 Research and Policy Analysis
Taxation: Tax Planning and Management
Filling Tax returns



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