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What makes a Good landlords

What makes a Good landlords


In these big cities (Dar es salaam) being a landlord can be the best thing can anyone wish, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities and stress. Landlords deal with the problems of tenants who call to complain constantly, tenants who don’t pay their rent on time. All of these things can turn a good property owner into a bored landlord.

However creating a good connection with your tenants and marketing yourself as a great landlord has positive, such as working with your tenants on fixing repair and showing the property to prospective new tenants at the end of a lease go smother and your tenants are more likely to renew even with a rent increase.

Below are expert tips to help tenants to spot honest and good landlords that you can rely on.


It’s essential that good landlords be honest and transparent about the rental property. The landlord should be open about all problems of rental concerns that any tenants would like to know about.

Consider community-minded 

The best landlord will take time to introduce the tenant to the neighborhood, by providing tips and information about all important sports like a grocery store, bank, hospital, police station. Doing this by the landlord will help the tenant to feel of being at home.

Find flexibility 

It’s nice for any tenant to rent the house from a landlord that can work within real-life obstacles. No one is suggesting that you pay your rent late but a flexible landlord can meet on your terms should any emergency arise.

Pick Promptness

Best landlord or property management company should be quick in the turnaround on a maintenance call, for example, you might want to shop around another rental unit and the landlord should be able to meet your need at the light time with no delays and be able to solve all the problems.

Choose Customer-focused 

Mangers like to tell employees “the customer is always right”  However most landlords will tell you “The tenant is always wrong” But good landlords should understand that the tenants are the reason for being a landlord.


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Top 5 most charming properties for rent at Pichanyumba real estate online


Pichanyumba is a real estate online website for listing all type of properties for sale and rent in Tanzania. It connects consumers with properties owners and professional real estate agents ( Madalali) 

As we have been listing properties for rent since the launching of our website in January, we like to share a selection of our top five properties for rent at pichanyumba. 

Take a look at 5 of the best listing. 



Located in Ubungo District at Dar es Salaam, this modern building is proved with all comforts to bring your business. PSSSF Tower Complex, a 35 storey building is the tallest building in east and central Africa, offering you a commercial space to meet your needs. The Complex can be seen from Goba Heights to Pugu Mountains. The Unique style of the facilities in the tower and the whole tower generally, gives you a good reason and supported need to relocate your business from anywhere else.  

 2. Lovely 3 bedrooms Apartment (Upaga) $150 PER DAY AND $2000 PER MONTH 

Fancy a getaway from your home? This holiday home for short term and long-term stays is what you’ve been waiting for!! The apartment is located in the city centre of Dar es Salaam and is provided with all comforts and facilities you would expect to find in your dream accommodation. You can choose from enjoying cooked meals to self-cooked meals in a full equipped kitchen and enjoy your meal in the complete crystallised dining room. You can also take a dip in a private pool if the sun rays become too hot. 

 3. A 3 bedrooms family house ( Bunju ) TSH 400, 000/= PER MONTH 

This family house located in Bunju, with three bedrooms and one master bedroom, is very affordable for a family or three friends who want to share the living cost. In addition, the house is equipped with a public restroom and a nice bathroom separate from the public restroom. Even more attractive, the house contains an indoor kitchen and dining leading to the living room. The house is well fenced and shares compound with  other two houses for rent. 

4.  Temboni Apartment ( Kimara ) 400,000/= PER MONTH  

One of the new buildings in Temboni, the building offers different types of apartments for rent at an affordable price for those looking for new houses/homes. Overlooking to Morogoro Road highway and just 4 minutes away from the main road. The comfortable interior welcomes two-bedrooms, one master bedroom, an indoor kitchen and a cosy living room providing you with countless moments of relaxation. 

5 Two Apartments at Msuguri ( Kimara ) TSH 400,000/= PER MONTH 

The two apartments are located at Msuguri in Kimara, just 4 minutes away from Morogoro Road highway. It contains two bedrooms with one master bedroom as well as  all kind of comfort you can think of. The apartments avail you with a modern kitchen and a wide living room to enjoy your time at home after the stresses of the city. 

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